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Job development, on a personal level, has been the theme throughout my life. I was first told by my grandfather; “if you don’t have a job make one.” Today, I apply that concept to both individuals and businesses. The reward has been to find creativity exist throughout NC and among many of our citizens. “Job creation,” is wishful thinking.

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Rich encouraged by Obama’s speech

GREENVILLE — An economic and job stimulus plan being pushed by a Bladen County native over the past few years recently received some surprise recognition. In response to President Obama’s State of the Union address , Arthur Rich, Republican candidate for North Carolina’s 1st Congressional District, said, “Whether intentional...


Press Release GOP CANDIDATE ARTHUR RICH: “PRESIDENT USED PARTS OF MY PLAN DURING STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS” In response to President Obama’s State of the Union address, Arthur Rich, Republican Candidate for North Carolina’s First Congressional District has stated, “Whether intentional or coincidental, I finally heard a positive...

Bootstrap Job Development

Bootstrap Job Development A collaborative venture of Arthur J. Rich Consulting Services, Inc. and The Research Institute of the South.   Today, the United States has a trade and job deficit.  A large percentage of Gross National Product (GNP) was outsourced; along with the jobs necessary for its production. ...

U.S. Congressional Candidate Arthur Rich Joins Walk to DC to Save Belhaven Hospital

For Immediate Release: North Carolina First District GOP Congressional candidate Arthur Rich joined with Belhaven, NC Mayor Adam O‘Neal and fellow supporters Wednesday in the historic march to Washington DC to save the town’s hospital that recently closed. Rich reached Bowling Green, Virginia and will continue with the March until the pair’s arrival in Washington, DC Monday. “It’s an honor...

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aa2I was born March 20th, 1977 in Sampson County.  My family was involved in agriculture and logging.  Hard work; long hours.  I joined the family workforce at age 5.  I drove the tractor while others harvested tobacco.  Later, I raised cucumbers and other produce in order acquire money for clothes and school supplies.   My father died of a massive heart attack when I was 9 yrs. old.  The “single parent family” became a reality I fully understand.  My mother began work in the textile industry while continuing operation of the family farm and maintaining a positive home environment.

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