Bootstrap Job Development

Bootstrap Job Development

Bootstrap Job Development

A collaborative venture of Arthur J. Rich Consulting Services, Inc. and The Research Institute of the South.


Today, the United States has a trade and job deficit.  A large percentage of Gross National Product (GNP) was outsourced; along with the jobs necessary for its production.  We now import our former exports.  New products and services fail to keep pace with job outflow.  Blame can be shared by one and all; it achieves nothing.  There is no such thing as “Job Creation.” To reverse unemployment, we must offer consumers, domestic and foreign, new products, modalities and services.  New and innovative ideas, applied to products or services require workers; thus jobs are the result.  The concepts must come from within the U.S. and manufacture or applications remain here.  By way of greed and complacency, we have “sold the rope with which our economy is now hung.”  Bootstrap Job Development is all encompassing, multi-faceted and – it works.

Economic Development has devolved into a catalyst for the transfer of unemployment among states.  We gain 500 jobs; another state locale suffers the loss.  This is not competition, nor does the nation prosper.  It’s a win-lose situation at a time when national will and collaboration must focus on mutual success.  The costs are exorbitant; funds depleted and increased earning per share for “mobile” companies the prime motivator.  Loyal employees become disposable statistics.  This equates to traditional banks immersed in legalized loan-sharking.  Bootstrapping offers involvement from the solo inventor/entrepreneur through the fortune 500, with participation offered domestic and foreign investors as well as employees.  Ownership and management remain here. Our concept will work in Italy, Greece, Spain or any faltering economy.  They can be modified to initiate and expand economies where none exist. As with charity, action must first start at home.

So very many potential inventions and innovations are never known.  This is due to a lack of resource awareness, incentive, mentored research and credible support and incubation of concepts.  Creative endeavors have been bypassed in this obsession with employment hijacking.  Just as with opinions, individuals also have ideas for new, improved or innovative approaches in all industries.  Bootstrapping is “activation” of the creative process toward a tangible result.  Imagination is free to all, it’s noncompetitive and the actions are contagious. As of this date we can go in North Carolina’s 100 counties and obtain the concepts for no less than 100 products with a conservative estimate of 2,000 jobs created- from within the counties!  Multiply this by 49 states and you have the basis for jobs and economic improvement.



To paraphrase President Kennedy, “We help others see things that never were- and put them on the open market”. Economic development is the by-product!  That’s bootstrapping, that’s jobs and, it’s ready to implement- anytime, any place.  In this depressing, bickering, strapped and exhausting environment; reality must replace rhetoric.  Our fellow citizens must be assured, the promise of America that, “hopes held can be achieved”- is fact not fiction.  They will make it happen.  Our job- make it start.  Constructive suggestions, ideas, comments or challenges, is our business.  All are welcomed and competition is encouraged.


Arthur J. Rich

Senior Consultant

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Bootstrap Job Development

Basic-Sequential Steps

The Scientific Method-Out of the box- into the street.

1.            Concept Development- Applied Imagination-Basic



B. Resource Knowledge

C. Formative

SERRPIA → Sequential Event-Recent, Retroactive, Predicated, Interpretive Analysis ™

D.  Comprehensive Research

E. Validation− Invalid Options→ Return to B or C.

F. Design, Completion

G. MFG, Marketing, Sales, Utilization


Initial-Through-Complete Projected Jobs Conservative- 1,200+

As of this date, we have over 50 new, multi-faceted products, services and concepts.  They range non-toxic chemotherapy, through no cost stimulation of housing sales, to reverse engineering toward a labor intensive manufacturing mode on several products. Enhanced technology education is inclusive and on all areas.  Lesser profit is not a concern; they are our inventions.  Revived worker morale and capabilities are our by products.  It’s got to be done.