Arthur Rich NC First District

Arthur Rich NC First District 

I Will:

Work with elected officials and citizens of each county to understand and begin a realistic program for new jobs.

Follow-up ion the Affordable Care Act, Medicare/Medicaid and Insurers to be certain that all patients needing care- receive it!

Take steps to see that Educators are recognized as vital professionals and rewarded and respected accordingly.

I believe a “minimum living wage” should not be taxed.  With increased inflation and cost of living, a tax increase will have little effect on improving income or quality of life for the employee.

Work with all citizens, regardless of politics, race, status or other, to unite the district toward economic stability and pride in ourselves and our communities!

Work with Community Leaders, law enforcement and all citizens toward reducing the crime rate in our district.  Nationally, State, and local- it’s completely out of hand.  Behavioral habits are formed from ages 1-6 yrs.  We must encourage monitoring of our children from crib onward- not watching while they’re in court!

I am running for U.S. Congress NC First District in order to make positive things happen.  I will interact with all citizens, to gain input and share proposals toward improving the economy and well-being of First District residents.  It is of primary importance that we work together for the mutual benefit of one and all.

I will not consider or vote for any law, without fully understanding what it is and how it affects individuals and the district, state or nation. Your opinions will always be considered first.

By way of background in accounting, economics, taxation, research and development, I will review and analyze current and new regulations with aim of reducing unnecessary complications and assuring they are well understood by all citizens.

I was raised on a farm and have hands-on understanding of Agriculture.  Its importance and assurance that it is promoted, protected and supported must be understood by those who represent it and all who are dependent on it. 

I believe compassion for the well-being of the people in First District, should always override passion for partisan politics.  Performance with Results is my promise.  Let’s stop talking about the problems and start finding answers to the problems.

Arthur Rich- “Answers for America” & “Job Development Now!”

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Let’s make NC First District “First” not “Worst!