Issues For Campaign


This continues to be the primary need in NC First District as well as state and nationwide.  Almost simultaneously, Commerce Dept. and the Governor announce a company relocating recently and Microsoft announces 14,000 to be laid off nationally.  Industries continue transferring jobs off-shore and blaming the high corporate tax rate.  My objective is to create, innovate and promote new start-ups in NC First District.  The basic format is in place, 65 inventions and innovations have, in between campaigning, been acquired.  The foundation has been laid.  Now, it’s a matter of meeting with folks within the district and acquiring another 100 concepts and developing the thousands of jobs that result.  The basic structure has been available on the campaign site for over a year.

Employment and Social Security:

The “Bootstrap Job Development” will fill unemployment vacancies.  Social Security, as of now, remains solid.  Long range, per “Boomers” and lengthening life spans, it’s time to prepare a restructuring toward the future.  Go to the posting for “Employee Mutual security Fund” and it gives an idea of a plan by and for workers for stability, assurance and a realistic retirement income.


Vital to progress in all areas.  Teachers and professionals are not migratory workers looking for the best location to survive.  Over the past few years they’ve lacked one important thing from Legislators, students and too many parents.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T!  Everyone needs to remember this and act accordingly.

Health Care:

We spend more than many nations total economy!  Despite this, Diabetes and its partner Obesity are rampant throughout the nation.  Cardiovascular disease, cancer and the many afflictions associated with aging show little progress.  The warnings included with ads are downright scary.  Preventive medicine is a beginning.  We’ve got a handle on controlling High Blood Sugar, Mersa and a better understanding of Cholesterol.   More on this as time permits.

Living Wage:

Minimum Wage proposals are still “up in the air”.  My proposal is to eliminate taxes on minimum wage and thus actually show increased income, resulting in more disposable income in order to help workers upgrade existence toward a livable level.  With sales and property tax increases in so many towns and counties, even without the income tax there’s still Federal, State and local with a larger hand out for more.  This is not the complete answer but; it’s a start.

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Thank you for your support and vote on Nov. 4th, 2014.  May God Bless America Always!

Arthur Rich