Questionnaire for Granville County

Given that the US spends more money on health care with poorer outcomes that other major industrialized countries, what suggestions do you have for improving our health care?

We should emphasize “Preventative Medicine” and direct necessary funding toward this.  The challenge will be to get this through to providers, Insurance carriers, health depts..  Chronic Diabetes, COPD, osteoarthritis, cancer, must receive this focus.  Restructure the FDA and HHS. 

What are your ideas for supporting US companies that will:  increase jobs for Americans, build the American economy and keep business capital in the US?

Ideas, expaned to concepts and products/services from within the US will be our economic solution.  This has been the key point in my candidacy.  The hundreds of millions spent to “recruit” companies would be better spent supporting innovators within our First District and NC.

 Given the recent humanitarian crisis concerning unaccompanied children crossing our borders, the rise in illegal immigration, the public’s expectation for compulsory border enforcement, and our own state’s agricultural and poultry industries that rely on migrant labor, what solutions do you propose to move Congress to a consensus on the hotly debated immigration reform issue?

The Mexican Government is a problem, both its’ citizens as well as the continued influx of adults and children crossing the border. Drug and human trafficking are the primary border activities.  Labor dependent industries must contribute toward a solution.

What should the role of the federal governments be in protecting public surface and groundwater as a source of drinking water?

Oversight and enforcement if necessary.  Over the past few decade, NCDENR has been useless insofar as vision toward what to do with ever-growing pollution.  We must not yield over health and environment to any industry, Political Party, as has been continued to date.

What is your view on the relative risks and benefits of hydraulic fracking in North Carolina, and whether local governments should be able to recover the costs of infrastructure damage, emergency management and other services?

The risks of Fracking has been smothered by a secrecy act as to chemicals involved(IE: Arsenic).  With the information given as to a “glut” natural gas what’s the hurry?  As to jobs- What are they, temporary/permanent, training needed?

I appreciate the questions and your interest in my campaign.  I want to make NC’s First District “First Not Worst” in North Carolina.  I am committted to making that happen as your next Congressman.  You can find more on my campaign website :

Warmest Regards,

Arthur Rich

Candidate NC First Congressional District